How to develop a Monk Mindset without being one: 7 steps to zen life

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What is monk mindset?

A monk mindset is the one that is able to stay serene and untroubled by any person or situation.

To be able to find peace, composure, empathy, compassion and a mind free of presumptions is the true essence of developing a monk mindset.

Monks go through years of learning, meditation practices and sacrifices to achieve tranquility. Not everyone can become a monk.

Nonetheless, by following simple daily practices and rituals we can train the mind to NOT get perturbed by the chaos around us. Chaos signifies our society’s opinions and expectations, deadlines at work, household chores and many other daily-life tasks.

Each morning we are born again,what we do today is what matters most


7 Daily habits for Zen life


This one seems quite obvious right! Meditation is like exercise for the mind. To keep the mind fit and uncluttered meditate daily for at least half an hour.

Meditation is primarily to stay focused and create awareness.

Meditate for monk mindset

You can meditate by concentrating fully on the task at hand too. Whatever work you do, give your 100 percent attention.You will gradually find joy in simple tasks and feel more content.

Some people find cooking meditative, some gardening and others working out.

The goal of meditation is isn’t to control your thoughts,it’s to stop letting them control you

The age of Enlightenment

Create self-awareness

Now how to be more self-aware? One way is of course meditation, another way is to write a daily journal. Penning down your thoughts daily is the easiest way to connect the heart with the mind.

Write down how you are feeling, what you are thankful for today, what do you want to accomplish and where do you see yourself in 6 months.

You can also write about fitness goals, relationship goals and career goals. Consistent writing will give clarity on how you want your life to be, consequentially you will start taking action to achieve the goals too.

Awareness is the greatest agent for change


Acceptance(of ourselves, others and life)

After creating self awareness, next step is to accept yourself for all the strengths and weaknesses you have( we all have them).

Love yourself for who you are, take pride in what you have achieved, learn from your mistakes and move on. Similarly accept others for who they are, let go of any expectations. You will feel at peace and your relationships will get better too.

Accepting change as part of life is another way to lighten burden off your shoulders. Change is inevitable, its the only constant.

Accept life as it is and cherish the present moment, it will inspire you to live life at its fullest without trying to control every moment.

To find the good life, you must become yourself


Be kind and empathetic

Accepting others for who they are will naturally make us empathetic and compassionate towards them. The world needs love and kindness more than anything else, do your part in spreading positivity and joy.

Motivating or making someone smile will not only make their day but yours as well!

Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud

Maya Angelou

Stay in the moment

Its a well known fact that thinking about the past and future makes us anxious and we loose the moment we are in at present.

Stay in the present, be mindful of what you are thinking about or the task you are doing. Give your full focus even to the simplest thing you do.

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have

Eckhart tolle

De-junk(your life and mind)

If we think about it, we have a lot in our house that we never really use and is totally unneeded. Organize, keep what matters truly to you and get rid of everything else.

Similarly think only about what’s important, as soon as a thought occurs- analyse if its of any good to you or its a useless thought causing distraction.

We consume a lot of information nowadays through social media. Again, analyse-do you really need all that information, is it negative? Use the technology wisely and mindfully. Keep your mind uncluttered from unwanted information.

As i unclutter my life, i free myself to answer the callings of my soul.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Choose your company wisely

Sometimes the people we associate with drain our energy, feed us negativity and leave us exhausted.

Try to spend time with like minded people who inspire and teach you something. If you can’t find someone like that in your life follow your role models on social media, listen to inspiring speeches from insightful leaders, monks and motivational coaches.

Surround yourself with people who are going to take you higher


In conclusion-Feed your mind with positive thoughts, stay calm, stay mindful, smile, let go of envy and anger, lead a simple life and be kind.

Following these rituals on a daily basis requires practice but they are not hard, consistency will change the mindset gradually and you will notice beautiful changes happening in your life.

The purpose of our lives is to be Happy

Dalai Lama


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