How to stay positive in times of corona virus?

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An unimaginable reality

How to stay positive in times of corona virus

It is indeed exasperating to stay positive in times of a pandemic like Corona virus that has affected millions of lives around the globe in every way.

 According to recent surveys there has been a surge in panic calls, emails and messages on mental health platforms (apps and websites) due to rise in corona related stress.

 The virus outbreak is impacting one country after another, claiming lives, slowing down economy therefore creating an atmosphere of stress and anxiety.Bad news is, psychological studies show human nature is inclined towards negative emotions but the good news is, it’s also in human nature to fight back.

However the biggest question still remains- how to stay positive in times of corona virus?

Firstly, we need to understand the facts and precautionary measures.Secondly, we need to find the little comforts that will help us stay motivated in times like these.

Let’s see if there are any positive effects of Corona virus!

Work from home

Though shutting down of businesses is bad for the economy. On the other hand isolation has given many of us that much needed break we wanted with our family from a very long time.

The planet is healing

According to locals, the water in rivers and lakes is cleaning up. Pollution in many big cities is at an all time low. Wildlife is flourishing.

Display of human spirit

We are all in this together and human race has shown the power of collectivism by supporting each other in every way they can.

 Artists are performing on social media to entertain, employers and business owners are granting paid leaves to their employees. People are helping small vendors monetarily. Big companies and financially sound individuals are donating towards plasma centers, vaccine research and essential items for the poor.

How to stay positive in times of corona virus

How to stay calm


Aerobics, jogging, brisk walk or dancing-any physical activity that raises your heart beat and makes you sweat releases endorphins ( feel good hormones), these hormones not only improve your mood but keep you strong by increasing immunity.

Not a fan of exercising, then play a sport or clean your house, just keep the body moving.


Listening to soft soothing music relaxes and enriches the soul. Just typing sleep music or relaxing music on Google will give you many good results.I personally like to listen rain sounds audio to help me relax.

Pursue hobbies

Learn cooking, knitting, gardening, painting or read the new books sitting on your shelf since they have been bought. You will not only stay busy during isolation but might acquaint yourself with a new skill too.


A simple way to meditate is to close your eyes for 5 minutes and focus on your breath, it will automatically slower the breathing speed and relax your mind.

 You can take long deep breathe’s too (inhale for 2-3 seconds, exhale for another 2-3 seconds).

Basic meditation twice a day will keep the mind calm and positive, it is imperative in times of corona.

 Yoga is also a very good way to stay fit and keep the mind positive. Even beginner level poses with some stretching will help a lot.


Play indoor games, help your family in simple house chores or talk to them about how they feel during these times.

Connect to your friends through video and phone calls, make sure they are doing okay; it might make you feel less lonely too.

Social media is a great way to stay connected with the world but make sure to stay away from too much negative and fake information.

If you still feel anxious, talk to a therapist or a family doctor, talking to a professional will help you stay relaxed and informed.

How to stay positive in times of corona

SUMMARY– In conclusion, we can say this is a war like situation but collectively and mindfully the situation can be fought and WON.

Stay well informed, take precautions, wear mask, keep distance, do not go out of the house unless necessary, help the community in any small way you can and take care of your immunity.

We will indeed fight and eliminate Covid-19 together. Meanwhile follow the steps mentioned above to stay positive in times of corona virus. We are all in this together.

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