5 Super Spices that boost Immunity, with facts and Simple tips!

spices that boost immunity

Spices are super foods packed with essential nutrients and medicinal properties that boost immunity naturally. They are rich in anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial compounds. Spices also aid in digestion and lead to better absorption of nutrients in our food. Add spice to your life to heal, recover and protect your body from diseases by strengthening … Read more

Foods that Weaken Immune system and Tips on how to boost immunity

An awareness about harmful foods that weaken immune system is as important as the role of nutrition in boosting immunity. The ingredients in unhealthy food impair the body’s natural ability to fight infections that make us susceptible to diseases. A strong immune system protects the body like a shield. Whereas a weak immune system makes … Read more

What are Healthy Herbal Teas to drink,11 teas for stronger immunity!

healthy herbal teas to drink

Herbal teas are healthy to drink because they are extracted from herbs, flowers, spices and dry fruits( Nature’s medicine). Herbs and spices are being used for healing purposes since centuries owing to their medicinal properties. Unlike black and green tea herbal tea is technically not tea, as it does not contain caffeine. Some of the … Read more