Journaling for Self discovery and Clarity- How to Heal and Grow

journaling for self discovery and clarity

Self-discovery and clarity of purpose are two of the many psychological benefits journaling has to offer. Its the cheapest and most convenient therapy to heal, transform, grow and accomplish. Effective and consistent journaling has many benefits such as: Organized thoughts and emotions. Increased focus and ability to stay in the present. Journaling gives an insight … Read more

How to build Grit and Resilience to achieve success in any field!

build grit and resilience

According to psychologist Angela Duckworth, successful people are not the ones with most talent, intelligence or resources but the ones with grit and resilience, the good news is our mind can be trained to build these qualities. Like any other skill it needs patience and practice to develop grit and resilience. The mind has the … Read more

De-stress in a Minute with Micro Meditation – 6 quick ways to relieve stress!

de-stress with micro meditation

Micro meditation has the power to calm anxiety, de-stress and relax you in few minutes. Though long term health benefits are attained by years of meditation practice but simple mindfulness techniques can also help the mind to be more positive, focused and rational. Micro meditation is great for those who are too busy and can’t … Read more

How to Overcome Insecurity and Jealousy with Scientific Mind Hacks!

overcome insecurity and jealousy

All of us have jealousy and insecurity within us, while some can get past them, some struggle to overcome these emotions. A little bit of jealousy and insecurity motivates us to do better in life. But if we sink into these emotions, they steal our peace, cause unhappiness and can lead to depression. In today’s … Read more

How to develop a Monk Mindset without being one: 7 steps to zen life

What is monk mindset? A monk mindset is the one that is able to stay serene and untroubled by any person or situation. To be able to find peace, composure, empathy, compassion and a mind free of presumptions is the true essence of developing a monk mindset. Monks go through years of learning, meditation practices … Read more

How to practice heartfulness meditation and its benefits

practice heartfulness medition and its benefits

What is heartfulness meditation practice? Heartfulness is a simple and straight-forward meditation practice, it benefits one by enhancing positive emotions such as kindness, empathy, compassion and love. The focus is more on the heart and inner self rather than the mind. Heartfulness practice is based on the principle of bringing your attention to the divine … Read more