How to be Respectfully Assertive- 9 tips to communicate confidently!

respectfully assertive

Being respectfully assertive is one of the essential life skills. It’s the ability to express our feelings, wants and opinions confidently without being rude or submissive. Clear and polite communication is the key to happy inter-personal relationships. If you are not good at expressive communication then you might resort to passive or aggressive communication style. … Read more

Journaling for Self discovery and Clarity- How to Heal and Grow

journaling for self discovery and clarity

Self-discovery and clarity of purpose are two of the many psychological benefits journaling has to offer. Its the cheapest and most convenient therapy to heal, transform, grow and accomplish. Effective and consistent journaling has many benefits such as: Organized thoughts and emotions. Increased focus and ability to stay in the present. Journaling gives an insight … Read more

How to build Grit and Resilience to achieve success in any field!

build grit and resilience

According to psychologist Angela Duckworth, successful people are not the ones with most talent, intelligence or resources but the ones with grit and resilience, the good news is our mind can be trained to build these qualities. Like any other skill it needs patience and practice to develop grit and resilience. The mind has the … Read more