10 Misconceptions about Introverts- How to know an introvert better?

misconceptions about introverts
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Why do introverts face so many misconceptions and often feel misunderstood?– The answer to this question lies in our society’s system. Since childhood we are made to believe that the child who answers many questions or participates actively in group activities is the ideal student. When we grow up same things happen at work place. … Read more

11 Homemade Cleansers for Oily Acne prone skin- Quick, Effective DIYs

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Why homemade cleansers for oily acne prone skin? Commercial cleansers are laden with harsh ingredients that can cause various side-effects. Whereas homemade cleansers are made up of natural ingredients that are nourishing, effective and totally safe. So why spend so much on chemical products when you can treat your skin with pocket friendly nourishing recipes … Read more

11 Triphala Health benefits- How to use, facts and side-effects!

triphala health benefits
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Triphala is being used in herbal remedies since centuries due its various health benefits. Triphala is a sanskrit word which translates to Three(tri) fruits(phala). As the name suggests triphala is made up of 3 fruits called Haritaki, Bibhitaki and Amla. The fruits are dried, crushed and mixed in appropriate proportion to make triphala powder. Ayurveda, … Read more

De-stress in a Minute with Micro Meditation – 6 quick ways to relieve stress!

de-stress with micro meditation
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Micro meditation has the power to calm anxiety, de-stress and relax you in few minutes. Though long term health benefits are attained by years of meditation practice but simple mindfulness techniques can also help the mind to be more positive, focused and rational. Micro meditation is great for those who are too busy and can’t … Read more

What is Incompatible diet in Ayurveda- Worst food combinations for Health

incompatible diet in ayurveda
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As per Ayurveda incompatible diet is about wrong food combinations, quantity, cooking style, body suitability and more such factors that affect the health adversely. For more clarity let’s understand a little about Ayurveda first and the basic eating rules its based on. Ayurveda is the ancient Indian holistic science, according to which we all have … Read more

7 Neem Remedies and Benefits for Hair-How to Restore Scalp Health!

Neem remedies benefits hair
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Neem remedies have amazing medicinal properties that benefits the hair by treating scalp issues effectively from the root. Scientific name of Neem is Azadirachta indica, also known as Nimtree or Indian lilac as it’s commonly found in Indian subcontinent(1). Studies indicate that neem contains anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents that can treat dandruff and other … Read more

Empathy Deficit disorder – How to deal with people lacking empathy?

empathy deficit disorder
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All of us have dealt with a person at some point in our life who lacks compassion and fails to understand our emotions, well the chances are that they are suffering from some degree of empathy deficit disorder. What is empathy? According to study.com empathy is the ability to connect with other people and understand … Read more

What is Transcendental Meditation, how to practice and its 10 benefits!

Transcendental meditation benefits
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Transcendental meditation was introduced by Maharishi Mahesh yogi in 1950 and it quickly gained popularity owing to its impact on quality of life and health benefits. Studies suggest practicing transcendental meditation(widely known as TM) not only relieves stress but improves heart health, increase energy levels and boost creativity. TM is an effortless technique as compared … Read more

Homemade Toners For Oily Skin-10 Easy and Quick Natural Recipes!

homemade toners for oily skin
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Why homemade toners for oily skin? Along with cleansing and moisturizing, toning is an essential step in skin care routine. Most over the counter toners contain alcohol and other chemicals that strip off natural oils and make skin irritable. Natural ingredients are full of essential nutrients that restore, heal and protect the skin without being … Read more

10 Easy and Effective Home remedies for Dry Frizzy hair

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Why home remedies for dry frizzy hair Natural ingredients are packed with nutrients that replenish dry damaged hair. They also moisturize the hair without being harsh on scalp(due to no chemical build up), and moisture is an essential requirement for healthy hair. What are the causes of dry frizzy hair There can be plenty of … Read more