Juicing vs Blending- How to know what will work for you?

juicing vs blending what will work for you
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Juicing vs blending is a never-ending debate, after some research and experiments(on myself:-) i know what works for me. Hopefully after reading this post you can decide too-What will work for YOU and why! Juicing A juicer extracts the pulp of fruits and vegetables including fiber and only concentrated juice is left. The process of … Read more

How stress causes pimples-How to treat and prevent them

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Its easier to prevent and treat stress pimples only when we know what causes them, how to spot them and what other factors can trigger or worsen pimple prone skin.Simply put, pimples are a combination of oil, dirt and bacteria.They can be triggered and worsened by lifestyle, hormonal changes and genetics. Broadly there are two … Read more

How to practice heartfulness meditation and its benefits

practice heartfulness medition and its benefits
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What is heartfulness meditation practice? Heartfulness is a simple and straight-forward meditation practice, it benefits one by enhancing positive emotions such as kindness, empathy, compassion and love. The focus is more on the heart and inner self rather than the mind. Heartfulness practice is based on the principle of bringing your attention to the divine … Read more

How to stay positive in times of corona virus?

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An unimaginable reality It is indeed exasperating to stay positive in times of a pandemic like Corona virus that has affected millions of lives around the globe in every way.  According to recent surveys there has been a surge in panic calls, emails and messages on mental health platforms (apps and websites) due to rise … Read more